After a brief break, cold weather is back in Hyderabad

Boys sit around a bonfire to keep themselves warm on a cold winter morning. Photo: C Vishnu Goud

Hyderabad: After a brief spell when minimum temperatures went up and hovered between 16 degree Celsius and 17 degree Celsius, the nippy weather conditions are back in Hyderabad.
On Sunday, the minimum temperature was recorded at 13.4 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature was 29.4 degrees during the day.

Barring the brief spell of three days when minimum temperatures spiked a bit, cold conditions in Hyderabad prevailed during December with night time temperatures consistently recording less 13 degree Celsius.

With Sankranti season ahead, IMD Hyderabad officials said the minimum temperatures would continue to remain lower than the normal.

While the minimum temperatures in core regions of the Capital was below 13 degree Celsius, the evening temperatures in the outskirts, especially regions such as Moula Ali under Medchal district, LB Nagar, Nagole, Patancheru in Medak district have consistently remained less than 12 degree Celsius for most part of December and January.

According to Regional Meteorological Department, the temperature levels were likely to drop in next few days. Department said that cold weather conditions would remain till the month end.