Monday, June 21, 2021

Adivasis in Adilabad pay tributes to Indervelli martyrs

Adilabad: For the first time, Adivasis freely performed traditional rituals and paid tributes to those who were killed in the infamous Indervelli firing at martyrs’ column in Indervelli mandal centre on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the tragic incident on Friday. There were no restrictions either by authorities or police as imposed in the past.

Hundreds of aboriginal tribals belonging to several villages from erstwhile Adilabad district arrived at the column. They took out a massive rally from the column to the temple of Indrai Devi where they performed special prayers.

The tribals and kin of those who had lost lives in the tragic incident paid homage to the martyrs from 10.30 am to 1 pm, following the unfurling of a flag. Adilabad MP G Nagesh, Asifabad MLA Kova Laxmi and ITDA-Utnoor Aboriginal Tribal Welfare Advisory Committee Kanaka Lakke Rao, Tudum Debba Adivasi Hakkula Porata Samithi State president S Bapur Rao were few among many who offered tributes to the martyrs.

MP Nagesh said rights of tribals were being achieved with Telangana became a reality. “With the help of separate State, we could get the freedom to pay tributes to martyrs. In the united Andhra Pradesh, cops were imposing several restrictions at the time of the event. State government realised the need to recognise sentiments of Adivasis,” he asserted, assuring that he would strive hard for developing the place.

During a public meeting held following the homage, leaders of tribal organisations passed a resolution demanding exclusion of Lambadas from the list of Scheduled Tribals. They vowed not to allow teachers of this community to enter habitations of Adivasis from June 2. They also declared to take back lands allegedly being used by Lambadas in the coming days.

The leaders also vowed to struggle until their demand was meted. They wanted public representatives belonging to Adivasi to bring the issue to the notice of the government. They alleged that Lambadas were robbing employment and educational opportunities reserved for ethnic tribes, by securing certificates of Scheduled Tribes.

Some of the leaders were Sidam Bheem Rao, Athram Sakku, Mesram Durgu, Madavi Raju, Kanaka Thukaram, Vedma Bojju, Athram Bujang Rao, Arka Khammu, Mesram Nagnath, Purka Bapu Rao, Pendur Prabhakar, Athram Suguna, Durwa Nagu Bai, Kumra Ashwaribai and Sidam Shambu.

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