Thursday, June 17, 2021

Adivasi scholars to bring their culture to limelight

Adilabad: Four Adivasi scholars and an artiste from Adilabad district will present papers on Gond mythology and folklore at a two-day seminar on tribal literature to be held at Vijayawada on December 22 and 23.

The event is being organised by Sahitya Akademi in collaboration with the Department of Language and Culture, Andhra Pradesh. For the first time, the scholars were able to find the platform to bring out their mythology and traditional oral literature in the seminar, following initiation of Dr Sammeta Nagamalleshwar Rao, member of Sahitya Akademi’s oral and tribal advisory council and Sumanaspathi Reddy, the programme head of All India Radio Station, Adilabad. They will showcase the richness of their culture and traditions, with the help of folklore, through their papers.

Meshram Manohar, principal of pre-examination training centre in Utnoor, in his paper, highlighted Environmental consciousness in Gond Folklore. As per the folklore, water was first formed and subsequently leading to the genesis of continents. Crab (Bandesaral) brought land and gifted it to Lord Shiva. The Raj Gonds belonging to various branches of tribes worship trees, he stated.

Arka Manik Rao, teacher of a government school in Utnoor, will discuss on clan deities in Raj Gond Mythology. “I will explain why several branches of tribal clans worship a specific deity (totem) and their birds, animals and trees. All this information is mentioned in traditional oral literature. But, it was not published. I will discuss how it can be protected,” he told ‘Telangana Today’.

“According to the mythology, Gonds worship ‘mahua tree’ because its flowers don’t lose its fragrance even after getting dried up. The dried flowers release the scent once soaked. Likewise, Adivasis revere a tree or animal or bird, considering their significance. They relate to nature in every aspect of their life,” Rao reasoned. Vedma Jayawanth Rao, spiritual Guru belonging to Jamda in Narnoor will delve on Gonds Social System, while Durva Bhumanna, the senior announcer of AIR will present a paper on Gumela Songs of the Raj Gonds and Athram Motiram.

“Because of growing educational opportunities among the tribal communities, Adivasis scholars developed interest in understanding their culture and tradition. They are studying their literature and folklore. They should be talking about the distinctiveness of their culture and their capacity must be exposed. It should reach wider audiences,” Sumanaspathi stated.

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