Achari’s yatra to be a fun-loaded tour


Director G Nageswara Reddy is into direction for the last 17 years and has directed 15 movies till now. He started earning fame from films like Seema Sastry, Seema Tapakai, Denikaina Ready, Current Theega and other few recent films.

After Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam which was released in 2016, the director has worked on the script of Achari America Yatra which is releasing this Friday. Starring Manchu Vishnu, Pragya Jaiswal and Brahmanandam in lead roles, the film is going to be a full-on comedy entertainer, says the director. In an exclusive interview, he reveals much more about the project.

What is the Achari’s yatra and where will he take the audience?

I am sure that this tour is going be fun, just like a roller-coaster ride. Loaded with comedy dialogues and punches throughout the film, it is going to entertain the audience of all categories. This fun tour will make you come out of the theatre happily with lots of memories to which many of us will surely be connected to. Coming to the story, Vishnu and Brahmanandam will be playing the priests in this film. They will be going to the US to save a girl (Pragya Jaiswal) from a danger. Being Brahmins, what kind of situations they go through in a country which is a complete contrast to the environment they are used to forms good scenes and fun to the audience.

From previous experiences, have you taken any care in the making of this film?

Yes, I did. Denikaina Ready has received protests from many Brahmins saying that the film is hurting their emotions and it has to be banned or corrected. So, keeping all those issues in the mind, I have taken proper care in this film, not to hurt anyone this time, as the film has a major part about Brahmins and their life. Not just them, but nobody would like to be made fun of. So, this time, they won’t be made fun of, but how their life actually is will be shown in a positive way.

Why did you repeat the Vishnu-Brahmanandam combination?

I think the duo and their chemistry looks amazing on-screen. It was what I have observed in many films in which they’ve acted together. Denikaina Ready also has the duo. Vishnu suits very well for such roles and he has got a little bit of Mohan Babu’s mannerism. This makes Vishnu look good in such roles. Brahmanandam is the industry for more than three decades now and his energy levels are still amazing. I really couldn’t find a better pair than these two.