A heart-touching short film in eight minutes

Farewell to hope

Farewell, is a 3D animated short film, which tells the story of a mother, who lost her baby and is in despair. Released in December, 2017 Farewell is made with details and beautiful metaphors.
The short opens up with a young mother, who is an artist but is unable to focus on her work. In what looked like her studio, which is spacious, lies an empty cradle.

The young artist is in pain because she lost her baby. Things take a turn, when her tear drop gives life to a hand-drawn bird, which strangely moves and eats. It is this bird, who helps her understand that the grass is always greener on the other side and hope will never fail her.

The film brings across the power of what hope can do to someone, and that’s something we all hold on to. Relatable to parents who have gone through similar situations and to anyone who is fighting their own battles – the short film is an inspirational one. Though Farewell is based on a darker peg, the short is heart-warming and ends on a positive note.

Title: Farewell
Directors: Chen Yang Hsu, Adeline Jacquot, Paul Jourdain, Alan Sorio, Eléa Trahay
Duration: Eight minutes