30 Diwali revellers suffer eye injuries in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: Diwali turned into a huge ordeal for several persons in Hyderabad on Thursday after they sustained eye-related injuries of various kinds while bursting crackers. An engineering student along with 30 others reported to State-run Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital with eye injuries while many others also approached private eye care centres including L V Prasad Eye Institute and Maxivision for treatment.

Of the 30 patients at S D Eye Hospital, 12 had been admitted to the inpatient wings of the hospital, of which, six patients had suffered grievous eye injuries and would have to undergo surgeries in the coming days, according to eye surgeons.

The remaining 18 patients who came to the hospital were treated in the outpatient department and were discharged on Thursday night.

Superintendent, S D Eye Hospital, Dr Rajendra Gupta said already one patient underwent a corrective eye surgery while five others would undergo surgery in the next few days. Health Minister, Dr C Laxma Reddy said that all the admitted patients were receiving quality eye care and assured that surgeries would be taken up at the earliest.

Hospital doctors said a majority of firecracker injuries occured due to pressure wave created during explosion. The pressure created leads to severe injuries around the eyes, eye lids and cornea. The debris at the bottom of the firecracker usually flies back to the person bursting crackers. These debris are known to cause aberration in the cornea, which is the outer-most layer of the eye.

Apart from eye injuries, several private clinics, nursing homes and pulmonologists also reported a spurt in respiratory problems, especially Asthma attacks. Doctors said noxious chemicals which were released from fire crackers include carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide, were known to trigger Asthma and other respiratory conditions. According to doctors, the oxides from burning crackers come in contact with lungs and form acids, triggering Asthma and bronchitis.