Catch them young


Karimnagar: In order to educate the children about traffic rules, the district Road and Transport Department authorities have decided to establish a Traffic Training institute for children at its premises in Thimmapur in the outskirts of Karimnagar town.

In the wake of increasing road accidents every year and number of deaths, especially students, RTA officials have decided to spread awareness among the students about traffic rules right from their childhood by setting up the institute named Telangana Traffic Training Institute for Children.

Deputy Transport Commissioner, MG Vinod Kumar, who designed the project, said that they want to start the project as soon as possible. He mentioned that a structure worth Rs 50 lakh will be developed on 1.5 acres with all modern facilities like simulators, foot over bridges, platform, and other latest traffic signals. “Classrooms and projects, motors (20) and cycles (50) would also be arranged,” he added.

He shared that students would be given practical training on how to wear helmet, seat belt, rules to follow while walking on the road and crossing road. “Every day, training would be imparted to children for two hours each in the morning and evening,” he added.

MG Vinod Kumar said that retired RTA employees would be engaged to impart this training. He requested the managements of private schools to book their slots well in advance by paying Rs 1,000 while the students of government schools would be provided training free of cost.

Speaking to the Tabloid Today, Deputy Transport Commissioner, Vinod Kumar said that out of Rs 50 lakh, the State government has agreed to bear 40 per cent of the cost and the remaining amount would be pooled from NRIs and other philanthropists. “The society comprising various departments such as education, police, transport, private schools association, and Lion’s Club would look after the activity of the institute,” he informed.

Vinod Kumar said that the institute will recruit a few staffers including trainers and other workers. He informed that the fee collected from the private schools would be utilised to pay salaries to staff and maintain the training institute. “Names of the donors would be displayed at the centre,” DTC added.


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