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1,200 new vehicles a day choke Hyderabad roads

Hyderabad: Each day, believe it or not, the vehicle population in Hyderabad gets added by almost 1,200 new set of wheels. If snarled up traffic in most busy corridors of the city, despite the efforts of the administration to widen the road margins and coming up with flyovers, is a common daily woe, then the spurt in vehicle numbers is also to be blamed.

The statistics available with Telangana’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) showed that during the year 2018, on an average 1,200 new vehicles were registered every day. This include, on an average, 1,000 new two-wheelers and 200 four-wheelers.

1,200 new vehicles a day choke Hyderabad roads

And as on December 31, 2018, the statistics put the registered vehicle population in the city at 53.21 lakh! The increase in the number of vehicles in the city mainly had been in the last five years with the addition of about 20 lakh private vehicles.

If in the year 2013, the number of registered vehicles in the city was around 33 lakh, the figure leapfrogged to 53 lakh by the end of 2018. The city’s growth in ever widening circles encompassing the suburbs and beyond into its fold and absence of efficient public commuting option connecting the new areas along with increasing sense of affordability, are among the reasons cited for the rising number of vehicles.

At the beginning of the year, of the 53 lakh private vehicles that criss-cross the city roads, 43.16 lakh were two-wheelers.

Interestingly, the number of four-wheelers in the city has been on a rapid rise for the last few years and last year touched the one million mark. If the number of cars stood at around 9.20 lakh in 2017, it rose to 10.04 lakh by the time the year 2018 came to a close.

In fact, the gap between the population of city and the vehicle population has started to narrow down in the last few years. As against an estimated population of one crore plus population of Greater Hyderabad, the number of vehicles here crossed the 53-lakh mark which translates to one vehicle for every two persons.

Experts opine that the absence of an efficient public transportation system all these years had led to more and more people starting to rely on personal transportation. The Metro Rail has started to fill that gap and once its entire network is in place and future plans to extend it further works out, a difference could be noticed, they observe.

The TSRTC has 3,800 buses ferrying 33 lakh passengers and 121 Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) services that carry 1.8 lakh passengers and these added to Metro services carrying an average of 1.5 lakh passengers every day works to meeting the commuting needs of over 35 lakh passengers.

According to Transport Department senior officials, since 2015, over four lakh vehicles were being registered in the city every year and numbers have just been going up. “With lack of public transportation and last mile connectivity, commuters are relying on personal transportation,” they maintained.

With a total of 1.06 crore vehicles in the State, the city limits comprising Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Medchal districts, alone account for 53 lakh vehicles, that is, around 50 per cent of overall vehicle population in Telangana.

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